This Saturday’s meeting will take place from 11:00 AM until whenever we get finished in the outside trailer classroom.  The doors will be open by 10:30 and our SEC, Karl Martin will be there to get the doors open.  Make plans to arrive between 10:30 and 11:00 AM so you can get your computer set up for the Winlink training.  I may be a bit late as I will be serving as a VE in DeLand prior to the meeting.

Remember – this month’s meeting will cover installation, set-up, and use of the Winlink email program.  You will need a Windows laptop, tablet, or desktop computer to use Winlink.  We will have ARES members who will be able to help you get the program installed and configured, and then we will all learn how to use the program.  Additionally, this Saturday is also the date of the American Red Cross Simulated Emergency Test, which will incorporate the use of Winlink.  Please familiarize yourself with the Incident Action Plan which is linked to the left, prior to Saturday.

Please also familiarize yourself with the Red Cross EmComm Fall 2020 Radio Drill FAQ, which is linked to the left, prior to Saturday.

Bring your ARES Taskbooks!  We will be able to check-off several items with this meeting! 

Also, remember to bring your ARES® Task Books!