Volusia ARES July 2020 Meeting and ARES Net Training Session

The July 2020 Volusia ARES meeting will be held at the DeLand Elks Lodge starting at 11:30 AM. This location has enough room for social distancing, but we will still be wearing facemasks in light of the increase in incidence of COVID-19 cases in Florida. We have a LOT to cover this month, so this will be an extended meeting.

We will be ordering Pizza for lunch and will have cold bottles of water in the cooler. If you want something else to drink, please bring it with you!

This meeting will have a training session on how to participate in amateur radio nets and how to be a net control station (NCS). We will also have Volusia ARES Task Books available for our membership (please help with the cost of producing these by bringing $3.00). This month’s training will allow for several of the tasks in your Volusia ARES Task Books to be signed-off.

We will also be rebuilding our membership roster and email list at this meeting. Be prepared to fill out membership forms!

Any members who have completed any ICS or ARRL training, please bring two copies of each of your training certificates with you to the meeting. One copy of each certificate will go into your Volusia ARES file and the other will be inserted into your Volusia ARES Task Book.

Finally, we will be photographing each Volusia ARES member in good standing for Volusia ARES identification cards, so look sharp!

If you have any questions, email Volusia ARES Emergency Coordinator James Lea (WX4TV) at ec@volusiaares.org. We look forward to seeing you on July 11!