Florida State Parks on the Air - April 3, 2020

Volusia ARES® and WestVARS will once again join forces on Saturday, April 3, 2021 and get together to operate at Hontoon Island State Park during the 2021 Florida State Parks on the Air Contest.   This will primarily be an opportunity to meet your fellow radio amateurs and get to know each other.  One WestVARS member has offered to bring his boat so people can take trips to explore the river and the surrounding areas.   We will also have at least one HF station on the air durning the event.  If you have a portable HF station with a smallantenna and wish to bring it along to get on the air, by all means, please do so!

Make plans to arrive close to 08:00 if you wish to help set up the HF station.  The address to the park is 2309 River Ridge Rd, DeLand, FL 32720.  We will begin setting up the station and antenna system at 08:30.  The on-air activities will begin promptly at 10:00 and we will have experienced operators to help you learn the ropes on HF.  Take a bit of time to read about the contest at the link above to familiarize yourself with how it operates.

We will have hamburgers for lunch (we will make a count of how many people are wanting to eat lunch at 10:00 and will send a runner to pick-up the supplies, so be sure to be there by 10:00 to let us know if you want to participate in lunch.  Each hamburger will be $5.00 and cold water will be provided, free-of-charge.  We will also have an assortment of chips and sweet snacks.  Funds that are collected in excess of the cost of the event will be donated to WestVARS.

Hontoon Island State Park offers a wide variety of things to see and do, including nature trails, a museum, canoe rentals, bicycle rentals, and the chance to see a wide variety of wildlife.  During past operating events in the park, we have seen manatees, alligators, snakes, countless species of birds, and turtles.  Make plans to explore the park and to get a ride on the boat that the WestVARS member plans to bring to the event!

This event is open to Volusia ARES and WestVARS membership and their families, only.  Please do not invite others to this event.