The 147.240 (+600 kHz, Tone – 123.0 Hz) Repeater is Having Issues

The Volusia ARES 147.240 repeater took a lightning strike over a month ago and we are not allowed to have access to the repeater to fix it. The Volusia County communications people are aware of the problem and have ordered the parts to fix the repeater. We do not have an estimated time to get the problem fixed.

The lightning strike most likely blew the preamp and the repeater is very deaf at the moment. Be sure to use high power and (if you have one) a directional antenna when trying to access the repeater.

The regular Sunday evening ARES nets will continue to be held at 7:00 PM. Those who can reach the repeater are encouraged to check-in. Those who cannot reach the repeater, please tune in for the net and email Emergency Coordinator James Lea ( to let us know that you participated in the net.

We are working to establish a Memorandum of Understanding with another repeater owner so we can have a back-up repeater.