State EOC Request

As a result of the damage and destruction that has been inflicted on the Florida Panhandle by Hurricane Michael, the Florida State Emergency Operations Center has made a request for nine amateur radio operators  who can serve for 7 days.  Eight of these operators will be deployed to eight separate zones or 1 operator per zone with the ninth being stationed at the SEOC on a 12-hour day shift. 

The SEOC operator needs no equipment. However, this individual needs to be experienced in traffic handling and HF Winlink.

The 8 field operators need the following:

  1. Capability of operating VHF/UHF (SARNET) and HF (80M 40M 20M).  If possible, HF Winlink as well.
  2. VHF/UHF/HF Antennas;
  3. Alternate power (Solar, Wind, generator, etc);
  4. Food and Water for 7 days;
  5. Shelter;
  6. Supplies to sustain themselves in case no other resources are available;
  7. Capable of deployment without any downtime;
  8. Capable of message and traffic handling;

All operators are requested to be available within the next 12 to 24 hours.

DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY.  DO NOT DEPLOY STATIONS.  SEOC is only requesting that operators PREPARE for deployment. Further instructions on how to reach the staging area will be provided as well as contact with the operators and a briefing of the team.

Information will be forwarded as it arrives.