March 11 MS Walk Updated on 3/9/17

REMEMBER: to signup on the Walk MS website. This way when you go to registration at the event your information is in place.


Here is the assignment sheet with all the details for Saturdays Walk MS 2017. This is in PDF format and can be downloaded or printed. I highly recommend everyone print a copy and have it with you during the event. This covers assignments, tactical callsigns, frequencies and phone numbers. Tactical calls are used during the event as we would during an actual deployment.

Walk MS Incident Briefing

Walk MS is this weekend March 11th. Volunteers that are not on the list below and would like to help need to contact Karl before March 10th.

MS has asked those that have already signed up for the event to go to the following link and register.

On this page click “Join Our Team” > “Volunteer” > “Join Team: Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service” > “Create Account”.
During registration, If it asks you if you would like to donate. Please enter $0. We are not walking for the event and will not be raising money. If you do want to donate, please go to there main page and click “donate”.

On the day of the event.

When you are en route, Please check in to the 147.240+ T123 and let NCS know. After you arrive contact NCS to check out of net.
You should arrive between 8am – 8:15am. The walk will start at 9am and should end sometime around 12pm.

The parking will be South of the Casements building. 25 Riverside Dr Ormond Beach, Fl 32176. Please follow the signs to registration and tell them you’re with Volusia ARES to provide communications. If you have any problems simply contact net control on 145.555 Simplex.

Please check this page on March 10 for a printable map of station location and assignments

Current List of volunteers

Karl Martin KG4HBN
Emergency Coordinator
Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service
P/T 386-756-9861