KV4I-10 a new Winlink Gateway at Volusia EOC

kv4i-10Winlink Gateways allow Hams to send  email via RF to standard Internet email addresses. In addition, folks with standard Internet email accounts can send email back. We now have a new 50 watt gateway at 68 feet on 145.050.

Unfortunately, we’re currently having some RFI issues in the EOC shack affecting our receive capability so you may not be able to connect to KV4I-10 even though you may be able to see KV4I-10 beacon. We’ve reported the RFI issue and are waiting for a solution. If you are unable to connect directly to KV4I-10, you may be able to connect via N4WKQ-4. You may also be able to reach KB9LEB-10 in Edgewater on the same frequency, 145.050.

Due to the popularity of PSK31, RTTY and SSTV, many hams already have all the hardware they need to use Winlink. If you have a TNC, you’re all set but even if you only have a soundcard interface, you’re still good to go.

To use operate Winlink email with your VHF radio, you only need a Signalink USB (or a similar device) and two free pieces of software – Dire Wolf and RMS Express.

Install Dire Wolf

1 Download Dire Wolf from JOHN WB2OSZ’S website

2 Extract (unzip) the downloaded file into your Documents folder.

3 Use notepad or any other text editor to change the text in the Dire Wolf configuration file (direwolf.conf). Remove the # from the line #ADEVICE USB so the line starts with ADEVICE USB and change the MYCALL line to reflect your own call sign.
Install RMS Express

1 Download RMS Express from WINLINK.ORG

2 Extract (unzip) the downloaded file and run the setup program.

3 Start RMS Express and click on FilesRMS Express Setup. Fill in the requested information and click the button to update this new information.

4 To the right of “Open Session”, select “Packet WL2K”.from the drop down box and then click the words, “Open Session”

5 When the box labeled “Packet Winlink 2000 session” appears, click “Setup” In the Setup dialog, select “KISS” for the Packet TNC type, “Normal” for the packet TNC mode and “TCP” for the serial port.

6 Set the TCP host and port to and 8001 (NOT 8100).

You’re all done. Now get on the air.

73 Mark KV4I