ICS-300 & ICS-400 Course Available

Volusia county Emergency Managemnet will be hosting ICS-300 & ICS-400 couses. Everyone wanting to expand there knowlagde of ICS and NIMS for disasertr prepardness is encuraged to take there classes. Below you will find the reqeirments and dates for each course and where you signup.

Any ICS courses you compleat must be sent in to the EC to be added to your recordes.


  • Requirements – ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700 & ICS-800
  • Start February 19 2019 – End February 21 2019


  • Requirements – ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, ICS-800 & ICS-300
  • Start February 7 2019 – End February 8 2019
  • Start May 20 2019 – End May 21 2019

To regester goto https://trac.floridadisaster.org/TRAC/loginform.aspx singin or singup. After loggin in go to browse calender and find the courses in the list on the dates avalible.