Good afternoon everyone.

We will be having an on air ARES net at 7:30 PM on the 147.240 T123. We will be discussing hurricane Matthew and what VARES Will be preparing for. We will also be answering questions and preparing for possible deployment. Everyone is asked to be on frequency for this net.

As of 2pm Hurricane Matthew was moving North a 10 MPH with max sustained winds 145 MPH. National hurricane center has said we may start seeing tropical storm force winds sometime Thursday morning/afternoon.

There is a scheduled conference call at 4 PM where we will get more information from emergency management. I will pass along this information to you here, on the website and on the net. They may announce shelters that may open up before this system. Here is a list of suggested items and documents you should keep in your 72 hour kit.

Food for 72H
Water for 72H
Importent Documents
First aid kit
AM/FM radio
Away to charge these devices while you have power.

This is a list of items you should have as a VARES volunteer.

Mobile radio capable of 25 W or more
A mag mount antenna or equal.
Extra coax and adapters.
A back up power supply like a battery or generator in case you lose power

This is not a complete list and you should add anything you think you might need.

The North Florida Section communications plan. It lists activation levels and procedures in the event of an activation.

VARES Shelter manual, this document is very helpful when you are being deployed to any location. There is a shelter manager letter at the bottom of the document that must be replaced with the updated facility managers document.

The 2016 Volusia County shelter list has been added to the website you can find the link below. It lists the names, addresses and type of shelters.

Here is a frequency list for your reference. These are the most used repeaters but not limited to.

Everyone must have a copy of ICS-213 and ICS-309 if being deployed or not. 213 is used for traffic handling. 309 is your station log. You must keep a log of your activities and transmissions while volunteering for VARES.

Thank you and be safe.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Emergency Coordinator
P/TXT 386-756-9861