Hurricane Irma Debrief

I hope everyone came out of the storm unharmed and your family safe. We at VARES are keeping those affected by hurricane Irma in our thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery.

Like Matthew Volusia is very lucky. This could have been much more devastating if Irma took one of the earlier paths. VARES is still in a stand by mode in case emergency management require our services in the aftermath of Irma. The weekly ARES net is tonight at 7:30pm on the 147.240 T123.0 We will cover Irma and take question that anyone may have.

In the past few days VARES volunteers have spent hundreds maybe even thousands of hours volunteering to help those in need. I am still gather my report and it will be releasing here as soon as it is done. This weekend is our regularly scheduled ARES meeting. After discussing this with the AEC’s I have decided that this meeting will go on as planed.

This Saturdays meeting will be at 1pm at the Volusia County Fire Training Center. The topic will be the MS 150 and the aftermath of hurricane Irma. Those who have planed to participate in the MS 150 are encouraged to be at this meeting. This will be the last meeting before the MS 150 event. Scott KK4ECR the incident commander for this event will try his best to make our meeting. It all depends on recovery efforts. Making this meeting is very important. You need to know the proper procedures. This will be run differently then you may be used to from the past events. The entire route will have one NCS. NCS will be located in St Johns County and we will be using different frequency.

Thank you to the people who volunteered and deployed during Irma.


Karl Martin KG4HBN
Emergency Coordinator
Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service
P/T 386-756-9861