This February 18th at 3pm will be the ARES monthly meeting. This is a public meeting and everyone is welcome. Meeting directions.


  1. On March 11th we will be supporting the MS walk in Ormond Beach. This will be a 1.5 mile walk across the Granada bridge. It will start at the Casements. I should have all the details by meeting time.

  2. James WX4TV will be presenting proper net protocol and good practice. This presentation is for everyone. He will explain proper ways to present yourself when checking into and out of a directed net, pass traffic in emergencies, best practice during net and much more that all VARES volunteers should know.

  3. The Daytona 500 will be February 26th. VARES will be running an open net during the event. All check-ins are welcome and good training. . Emergency Management will be partially activated and standing by during this event.

I look forward to see you there.