EchoiLink on 147.240

People have asked to add Echolink to the 147.240 repeater a few times in the past year. Thanks to Charlie WX4CB for the next month or so we will test having Echolink running on the 240. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to try using echolink on the repeater or connect to the repeater using echolink.

The only restriction we have is that ARES NCS’s not use Echolink to run a ARES net. You are welcome to check into a ARES net with echolink just not run the net over echolink.

Please contact me with comments positive or negative so we know what you think. Your feedback will determine if we keep echolink on the 240 or not.

You can find more information about Echolink here.

Access the 147.240 over Echolink at KV4EOC-R.

Karl Martin