Irma Level I Full Activation

Hurricane Irma has started turning North. This turn will increase the possibility of hurricane winds in Volusia County. With this danger, VARES has gone to level I Full Activation. We are active on the 147.240+ T123.0. We ask all ARES to report to the ARES net in case needed. — Karl Martin KG4HBN Emergency Coordinator Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service P/T 386-756-9861

Severe Weather Expected Wednesday & Thursday.

The National Weather Service is expecting severe weather today and tomorrow. This system can bring heavy rain, lightning and winds. If you can hear thunder you can be struck by lightning. You can find out more about this event at. The Volusia county skywarn net is held on the 147.240+ T123 if there is a sever weather activation.

Hurricane Matthew 2 PM Update 10/4/16

Good afternoon everyone. We will be having an on air ARES net at 7:30 PM on the 147.240 T123. We will be discussing hurricane Matthew and what VARES Will be preparing for. We will also be answering questions and preparing for possible deployment. Everyone is asked to be on frequency for this net. As of 2pm Hurricane Matthew was moving North a 10 MPH with max sustained winds 145 MPH. … Read more