Missing Alzheimer’s Patient 

Harrold Cantarell White Male 6ft 160 lbs Mixed Dark and graying hair Multi colored horizontal striped shirt Dark USN ball cap Last seen on 7/5/17 around 17:00 (5pm) Heading East from Indigo Palms Assisted living On National HealthCare blvd May be heading to Flagler where he previously lived Contact DB EOC at 671-5555 with information.

NWS Radar Out Of Service

The National Weather Service in Melbourne announced today that the radar took a direct lighting strike yesterday taking it out of service. This strike caused sever damage to the radar and they have no return to service date at this time. Until service is restored, they suggest using the radar from NWS Tampa. http://www.weather.gov/tbw/

Hurricane Season Starts off Active

Hurricane season this year is starting off very active. We have had 3 tropical depressions and 2 of those have become named tropical storms. This is a great time to remind everyone to be ready. Have your go kits ready and your batteries charged. Here are some resources to keep bookmarked this season. National Hurricane Center hurricanes.gov National Weather Service Melbourne  weather.gov/melbourne Volusia County Emergency Management  https://www.volusia.org/services/public-protection/emergency-management/ 2017 Volusia County … Read more

Hurricane Season June 1 – November 31

Hurricane season starts June 1st and extends to November 31st. Currently the National Hurricane Center hurricanes.gov is predicting higher then normal tropical activity this season. As emergency communication volunteers we must be prepared, ready and trained when disaster strikes Volusia and Florida. First you need to be prepared by having a personal kit ready. What I mean by personal kits are the items you will need if you leave your house or … Read more

Submit Your Volunteer Hours

Starting June 1st and ending November 31st we want you to start submitting your volunteer hours at a chance to win a Amazon.com gift card. First prize: $20 Gift Card Second Prize: $10 Gift Card Third Prize: $5 Gift Card To participate go to volusiaares.org and click ARES>Volunteer Hours and submit the hours you volunteer. Hours are counted in 30 minute increments. 0.5 = 30 minutes 1.0 = 1 hour. … Read more

Web Site Updates 5/31/17

I wanted to let people know there have been some changes in the menu system on volusiaares.org. A new tab called “ARES” has been created. Yahoo group link has been moved under ARES tab. Pages “Roster” and “Net Reports” have been moved under ARES tab. New pages named “VARES Requirements”, “Leaderboard” and “Submit Hours” located under ARES tab. New Page “VARES Requirements”, Volusia County Emergency Management to be compensated by … Read more

Field Day 2017 1 Month Away

Field Day 2017 is one month away on June 24th and 25th. If you plan on attending field day this year or want to bring out food or drinks to support the volunteers at field day, this is the time to let us know your plans. Go to https://www.volusiaares.org/field-day-2017/ and fill out the form to help coordinate efforts. You can also contact me directly at. Karl Martin KG4HBN Emergency Coordinator Volusia … Read more

ARES Public Event & WestVARS Tailgate

This Saturday April 22nd 2017 will be the Westvars tailgate & ARES public event. It will be held at the Deland Lowe’s located at 303 E International Speedway Blvd, DeLand, FL 32724. The tailgate starts at 8:00 AM and end around 12 PM or 1 PM. ARES will have a HF and VHF station setup to promote amateur radio and emergency service to the public. Everyone licensed or not are welcome … Read more