J-Pole Building Party

Everyone is invited to come out on October 15, after the monthly ARES meeting to build a roll up J-Pole. It will be a fun learning experience and you will have a J-Pole when you go home. The cost is … Read more

September Meeting

This Saturday September 17 at 3pm will be the ARES monthly meeting. I will be sharing the MS 150 information that I have. We will also be covering programing and knowing how to use your VFO on your radio. The … Read more

Bike MS 150 October 22 & 23

This October 22 and 23 is the bike MS 150. The bike riders ride down from Jacksonville beach to Daytona beach Hilton then return the next day.     We have been asked to provide backup communications and help track riders … Read more

Coke Zero Race

This Saturday July 2 at 7:30PM we will be starting a standby net for the Coke Zero race that starts at 8:00PM. We will be taking check-ins in the case ARES needs to be activated on the 147.240 T123. The … Read more