KC2HFL DMR Repeater

For those of you so equipped, the KC2HFL Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Repeater, which failed several weeks ago, is now back on the air. The repeater is located atop the Halifax Medical Center (the old hospital building, not the original … Read more

November Meeting Agenda.

The ARES meeting will be on November 21st. We will have a short over view of last month’s Ms150. For the past few months there has been discussions about what digital data mode ARES should build on for strategic points … Read more

KV4I-10 a new Winlink Gateway at Volusia EOC

Winlink Gateways allow Hams to send  email via RF to standard Internet email addresses. In addition, folks with standard Internet email accounts can send email back. We now have a new 50 watt gateway at 68 feet on 145.050. Unfortunately, … Read more