Bike MS Information Packet – Update

*Update October 9 7 am. *

I know many of you have been asking for more information about the Bike MS 150. Coordinating such a significant event and getting everyone in place takes time. I want to thank Scott KK4ECR for all his hard work on putting this together.

There are three files to download and print out. If you received documents prior to 7 pm October 6th than check you’re documents against these. These are the latest, and there have been several revisions done in the last 12 hours.

  1. FINAL 2018 Rest Stop Times
    Is the estimated times for MS staff to arrive and set up as well as how long they will operate.
  2. Bike MS 2018 Communications Protocol
    Is the protocol everyone will follow during this event. Please read this carefully and follow its instructions.
  3. 2018 BIKE-MS Roster
    Has all the information as radio operator we will need during the event. In this document, you will find.
  • A. Location address
  • b. Tactical call sign
  • C. County the location is in
  • D. Primary repeater (No all locations will use the same frequency. Please check the documentation for the repeater you will be using.
  • E. What time you report to your assigned location.
  • F. the operator you will be working with. (In most cases there should be two operators per stop.)
  • G. The first three pages are for Saturday, and the last three pages are for Sunday.

Contact me if you have any questions or changes that needed.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Section Emergency Coordinator
North Florida Section
V/T 386-756-9861