Bike Ms 150 Final Packet

Here is the packet i have been promising for sometime. This packet includes frequencies, stops, maps, positions and much more. Everyone should print these pages out and have them with you before you. Remember to program your radio’s before the event.

Remember to.

  • Listen to net control and follow instructions.
  • Make contact with the person in charge at your area and let them know you are the ham operater assigned to that location.
  • Not required but recommended. Take a note from time to time as to the riders number passing by. Net control may ask for that.
  • I know it will be a long day but don’t ask net control where the last rider is, NCS will notify you when you should secure.
  • If anyone ask’s for a SAG vehicle, don;t call net control just let the rider know there will be one every 15 minutes.
  • Let net control know when you have arrived at your assigned location.

When you leave your home, please contact VARES net control on the 147.240 T 123.0 that you have left your home and you are on route. When you arrive at your assigned location please contact net control on 147.240 T123.0 that you have arrived and are moving to the primary bike Ms frequency.

This is the compressed packet file (.ZIP) that includes all files and information.


Communications Plan

Roster, Stops and frequencies 

Turn by Turn 



Volusia County Route 

Walter Boardman & Highbridge Map

Fortunato Park

Hilton Finish/Start

Century Loop


Tent assignments and layout 

Highbridge Park

Fortunato Park

Hilton Band Shell

Hilton Ham & Others