Asst. Emergency Coordinator (AEC)

The AECs are an emergency planning committee. There are four main categories of AECs: Operations, Administrative, Liaison, and Logistics. Below are some typical assignments for AECs. An EC may move, change or remove any duties listed for AEC postions.


  • Technician class license or higher
  • Volusia County Emergency Management background check
  • ICS – 100, ICS – 200, ICS – 700 ICS – 800 and EC-001

AEC Operations

  • Net Manager for specific ARES nets
  • Coordinator for ARES activities
  • AEC for digital modes
  • Assembly point coordinator
  • Operational assistant to EC during disasters
  • Coordinator for subdivision of EC area

AEC Administration

  • Recruiting
  • Public relations
  • Personnel records
  • Equipment inventory
  • Training
  • Reports

AEC Liaison

  • Maintaining contact with assigned agencies
  • Maintaining liaison with NTS

AEC Logistics

  • Transportation
  • Supplies—food, fuel, water, etc.
  • Equipment—generators, batteries, antennas

AECs may have both a pre-disaster phase assignment and a different assignment during disaster operations. The general duties of any AEC should include:

  • Keeping records the EC deems necessary on their assignments and updating the records regularly
  • Informing the EC of any developments in their region of responsibility
  • Participating in as many ARES activities as possible
  • Keeping the members of their assignment informed of ARES activitie