ARES Net Tonight 9/8/17 at 7:30pm

Hurricane Irma is just days away from central Florida and continuing it’s track up the state. With no major changes expected, VARES will raise the activation level to Level III Monitoring. At this level ARES is expecting to be activated in the next 48 hours.

Tonight at 7:30pm on the 147.240 T123.0 we will be holding a special session of the ARES net. I will explain the plan for Irma and take any questions you may have.


VARES is requesting volunteers for shelter operations. I have been asked several questions and i am including my response.


Q. Can I take my family with me to the shelter?

A. Yes, Shelters can be a safer place then at home and we understand not want to leave your family. If you have a member of your family is disabled we put special needs shelters first.

Q. I have a pet, Can they come with me?

A. Yes, Special needs shelter and some general shelters accept pets. You will need to bring them in a pet carrier and have any medications and food they require.

Q. I have a large animal or uncommon pet. (pig, houses, cows, chickens)

A. The Volusia County Fairgrounds is a designated shelter specifically for your type of pet.  We need operators at all of these shelters.


Please contact me anytime at.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
Emergency Coordinator
Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service
P/T 386-756-9861