ARES Meeting on July 15th At 1PM

This Saturday is the monthly ARES meeting. It will be held at the normal meeting location but at a new time 1pm. You can find directs here.



  1. Field day results and lessons learned.

  2. Repeater, shelter and hospital survey.

The last week of this month or start of August we will have a survey to check for changes in the 147.240 and other repeaters antenna pattern and strength. We will also test for noise in the radio room. The EOC needs to be open so this survey will be held during the week.

For those who have never volunteered for a survey we will ask you to drive to a location and make contact with net control and exchange signal and noise reports. I will have all the paper work you will need with me at the meeting and it will be posted online for those who can not make the meeting.

What you will need.

A. Your own transportation.
B. A 50 Watt radio
C. 5 watt HT (Optional)
D. I highly suggest having a GPS or a Volusia county map with you. Net control will be very busy taking reports.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
Emergency Coordinator
Volusia Amateur Radio Emergency Service
P/T 386-756-9861