ARES Level II Activation – Needing Volunteers

Good afternoon


Starting at 1PM Volusia ARES will be upgrading our activation level to level II.


Level II Partial Activation is descriptive of operational status. It is usually issued by DECs or ECs and designates net activations, staffing requests and assignments, and other such operational functions to perform specific tasks. The alert level becomes Partial Activation in a County or District when specific duty posts are staffed and become operational, and/or a net control operator opens the net. Most emergencies, even severe ones, can be handled without ever going beyond Partially Activated.


If you would like more information on activation levels, you can find them on the North Florida Com Plan on page 10.


We are asking for volunteers to help with preparations for hurricane Matthew. If you would like to volunteer, please contact net control on the 147.240 T123 or you can contact me directly at my information below.


When volunteering, Please give your call sign, Name, Location and your availability. We will work with you if you are unable to deploy or restricted to where you can deploy.


If you are a net control, please contact Chuck W4CFH Charles Hennis to coordinate net coverage.
Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Emergency Coordinator
P/TXT 386-756-9861