2019 Volusia ARES Field Day Exercise

All Volusia ARES® members are welcomed and encouraged to join us for the 2019 ARRL Field Day event.

We will meet at the Fire Training Center at 09:30 to begin building and testing antennas. We will be building the antennas that we use for Field Day on Saturday and this will be a great opportunity to learn some new skills or pass your skills on to someone new. On Sunday, we will be testing some commercial antennas for NVIS operations.

We will also be starting a VHF/UHF simplex mapping of the county, where we will have a 50′ push-up fiberglass mast, with a VHF/UHF antenna mounted on the top, set-up at the Field Day location. DBARA and WestVARS will be attempting to make contact with us from their Field Day locations on VHF and UHF and we will also have a mobile rover driving to some locations around the county to test making simplex contacts with a VHF/UHF antenna mounted on a 25′ push-up mast.

Volusia ARES® will have ice and bottles of water. If you want to have anything else to drink, please bring it for yourself. Be sure to mark your drinks with your name and/or callsign! There is a refrigerator on site for us to use. Lunch will be figured out on-location and dinner will be a sampling of Mountain House foods emergency food (don’t worry–it’s comfort food). If you have something food wise that you would like to bring for the group to share, please bring it along!

This event is NOT open to the public. We have invited a select few non-hams to visit, but this is primarily a training and bonding event for Volusia ARES®.