Hurricane IRMA Potential Need For Volunteers

Steve Szabo Section Manager WB4OMM

There is a potential need for Amateur Radio operators to provide communications support in the Florida Keys. Volunteers will need to bring a dual-band HT with earphone/headset, external (gain) antenna, spare batteries, chargers.  While food & beverage, sleeping quarters and showers are available, responders need to be self-sufficient for other personal needs.  Deployment requests will vary as will the served agencies.  DO NOT SELF-DEPLOY.  These missions will be filled through the State of Florida EOC, ESF2 liaison.

Hams interested will need to register at .  Select the “Casework/Recovery” option under the type of work on Step 1, and under “Step 3”, “Volunteer Skills”, select “Amateur Radio”.  Once requests are made to the State, you will be notified of the mission and can accept or decline the assignment.  THESE ARE VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS.  Non-compensated.  You may be required to pass a background check.

Steve Szabo WB4OMM

NFL Section Manager – ESF2 State Liaison



ARRL officials reminds to be covered under the Volunteer Protection Act or ARC MOU volunteer requests must come through established channels

Volunteers wishing to offer their services in disaster relief need to go through the proper established channels.

Self-deployment or requests made outside established channels are not covered under ARRL MOUs and may not be covered under the VPA.