September Meeting

This Saturday September 17 at 3pm will be the ARES monthly meeting. I will be sharing the MS 150 information that I have. We will also be covering programing and knowing how to use your VFO on your radio.

The MS 150 will be October 22 and 23. Volunteers will be stationed at MS 150 rest stop along the bike route. Most stops will be located at a park or other public area. At this time I have the following volunteers.

Doug and Ann K4DMH/K8PWE
Warren AE4WG
Dennis WD3B
Reed WW3A
Charlie WX4CB

The number of rest stops has not been confirmed but it will be around 5 here in Volusia county. I would like to see 2 people stationed at each stop. This gives volunteers time to take breaks and walk around a bit. If you would like to volonteer for any day, Please contact me ASAP.

James WX4TV had a question for the group. What if the repeater takes a hit during a disaster and we need to move to a simplex frequency or a repeater with a tone we don’t normally use? Would you be able to program your radio without the manual? During this month meeting we will be taking time to learn just that. All you need is your radio. We will have power supplies on site. We will program your radio with the suggested list of frequencies Volusia ARES uses during a disaster.

You can find this list here.

Karl Martin KG4HBN
ARES Emergency Coordinator
P/TXT 386-756-9861