June 1st Hurricane Season

June 1st was yesterday and we have used Alex and Bonnie in the hurricane name list. The NHC National Hurricane Center has posted the seasons out for 2016 with 10 – 16 Named storms, 4 – 8 Hurricanes and 1 – 4 Major hurricanes.

Remember, make sure to have your 72 hour go kit ready. You don’t need to deploy to get use out of a go-kit during hurricane season. When you lose power and it could take days before help can arrive and having a 72 hour kit containing Water, food, medications and radios with battery power can become a lifesaver. These are just a few items the NHC and ARES recommend you have in a go-kit.

Our NFL Section Manager Steve Szabo WB4OMM has sent out some information on this year’s hurricane season.

You can find them and other 2016 Hurricane season documents here. There will be more added as the season progresses.


Here are a few links you might want to have handy during this years hurricane season.

www.hurricanes.gov or nhc.noaa.gov