KC2HFL DMR Repeater

For those of you so equipped, the KC2HFL Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Repeater, which failed several weeks ago, is now back on the air.

The repeater is located atop the Halifax Medical Center (the old hospital building, not the original hospital building.) Antenna height is about 190 feet. Output power is 18 watts to the antenna. The antenna is an omni with 6 dB gain.

As a member of the DMR-MARC network, the system features connectivity to the FL Statewide, Southeast Region, Worldwide and Worldwide English talkgroups along with 2 Local talkgroups (2 & 9.) If none of this means anything to you, email me directly and I will gladly answer any questions.

If you are able to use this repeater, please share your experiences with it by email to me. We are looking to gather range and anomaly data. Please send emails to kb4t@kb4t.us.

If you need to program your radio, here are the configuration details:

Callsign: KC2HFL
Frequency: 443.21250
Offset: +5.000
ColorCode: 1

Daytona, Florida

Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3 = N. America (ON)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 1 =World Wide (PTT)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 13 =WW English (PTT)
Time Slot #1- Group Call 3112 =Florida Statewide(PTT)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 3174 =Southeast Regional (PTT)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 310 =TAC-310 (PTT)
Time Slot #1 – Group Call 311 =TAC-311 (PTT)
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 2 =Local-NetWork (ON)
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 9= Local-Repeater (PTT)
Time Slot #2 – Group Call 3136 =TRI-State (PTT)

You Must Have [ARS] Disabled Within Your Radio

Contact: Bob, KC2CWT

Email: kc2cwt@kc2cwt.net

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!


Frank N. Haas KB4T

Daytona Beach