May 18th Hurricane SET information.

*** Updated 5/16 ***

The May 18th Hurricane S.E.T will start around 9am est. We will be simulating deployment to shelters and other locations that might be open during a hurricane. This is a tabletop exercise and there is no need to physically deploy to any location.
If you decide you want to physically deploy to a location you can do so.

IMPORTANT – Schools will be in session during this exercise and you will not be allowed to enter the school or school grounds. For this exercise you will deploy to a nearby parking lot or public location where you can operate from your vehicle comfortably.

We will be following the VARES shelter operation manual. You can find it here.

Please following the deployment procedures that can be found on pages two and three.

I want volunteers to send traffic using ICS 213 to the EOC and you may receive a response you will be asked to copy down in the same format. If you would like to volunteer contact me directly at so I can give you the message for you to pass. These messages will not be given to you over the air so we can have a more realistic simulation.

Everyone will be asked to fill out the ICS-309 Communications Log during this event.

You can find ICS-213 and ICS-309 at the following link.

For a list of frequency’s that might be used during this event go to this page.


*** Updated 5/16 ***

HF Frequencies

This is a list of HF nets that will be active and there times for May 18th.


The ARES and other nets may not be taking regular check-ins due to this exercise. Please listen to net controls instructions and information before trying to check-in. 



  1. ARES/Hurrx Net                      1400 UTC/10AM ET    1 Hour             3.950
  2. ARES/Hurrx Net                      1700 UTC/1PM ET      4 Hours            7.242
  3. SARNET                                   1300 UTC/9AM ET      All Day             StateWide
  4. Fl Phone Traffic Net               1055UTC                                             3.940
  5. SouthCARS                              1200UTC                                             7.268
  6. Fl Midday Traffic Net             1545UTC                                             7.242
  7. SFL Traffic Net                         0230UTC                                             3.940

The SARNET is a StateWide system of repeaters and when keyed will bring up all repeaters on the system. This will most likely be used for simulated emergency traffic.

Not all traffic nets may be listed. This is the official list given by North Florida Section.


If you have any questions, please post them in the Yahoo group incase others have the same question.

Thank you and I will see you on May 18th.


Karl Martin

Volusia ARES EC