2015 Florida Statewide Hurricane Exercise

Attached is the “tentative” handout/ExPlan for us in the NFL Section – tentative date is Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 from 0900 to 1200 hours EDT (0800 to 1100 hrs in the Panhandle).

This information to be discussed at the next ARES meeting.

NFL Section ARES Requested Participation Summary: 

Task #1:  Activate your group; staff your local EOC (real or simulated); deploy members to any two served agencies (hospital, fire house, shelter, police/sheriff dept, Red Cross, Salvation Army, church, school or any served agency in your local community) and establish a communication link via an RF based mode (HF, VHF, UHF, CW/FM/SSB, whatever).  Once there, have the member obtain the name of served agency, street address, and point of contact (POC) information (name and position/title is sufficient) and provide it to the county EOC in a NIMS compliant message form (ICS213 form) via the RF communications mode. 

Task #2:

  • The County EC/ARES Group/County EOC members should check-in to any established net :

o   Category A/Radio Based (One Check-in) – any Florida Traffic Net, SARNet, Florida Hurricane Net, any of the nets listed in the NFL Communications Plan (attached.)

  • The County EC/ARES Group/County EOC members should check-in to any established net or send a message using any of the following:

o   Category B/Internet Assisted(One Check-in or message sent)  – D-STAR, D-RATS, Winlink2K, SEDAN, or any of the means to send a message listed  in the NFL Communications Plan.  You can send the SitRep message using this.

The County EC should then forward the Activation, deployment locations/POC information, and what check-ins or messages were sent and forward this via any method to the NFL Section Emergency Coordinator – Strait Hollis KT4YT as a “SitRep’” (Situation Report).  Strait will forward a summary of what he has received to me at noon, and I will forward a copy to the State ESF2 Coordinator at the State EOC before the end of the day.  If the State EOC makes a request it will be thru our established liaison (me) and the request fulfilled as necessary (which means you may or may not get something from me during the exercise – but be prepared!).  That information will be by whatever method is available (cell phone, internet, radio message).

NFL Comm Plan July 1, 2014 Player Handout FL Statewide Hurricane EX 2015